Katrina M. Waters

Lab Fellow, Division Director
Katrina Waters is the division director for the Biological Sciences Division. She has led numerous research efforts in computational modeling, bioinformatics, and data management in collaboration with universities and institutions.

Josh Adkins

Biomedical Scientist, Group Leader
Josh Adkins leads the division's Integrative Omics group, and he's also the director of a Chemical Analysis Center as a part of the Molecular Transducers of Physical Activity Consortium (MoTrPAC).

Janet Jansson

Biologist, Lab Fellow
Janet Jansson has more than 30 years of experience in microbial ecology. Her specific expertise is in the use of molecular approaches to study complex microbial communities, such as those residing in soil, sediments, and the human gut.

Wei-Jun Qian

Bioanalytical Chemist, Lab Fellow
Wei-Jun Qian develops and applies mass spectrometry-based approaches to better quantify the dynamic changes in protein abundances and protein post-translational modifications in biological and clinical applications.

Richard Smith

Chemist, Battelle Fellow
Dick Smith's research interests include developing advanced analytical methods and instrumentation, with particular emphasis on high-resolution separations and mass spectrometry, and their applications in biological and biomedical research.

Brian Thrall

Pharmacologist/Toxicologist, Sector Lead
Brian Thrall manages PNNL’s biological research sectors, which include major biomedical and environmental biology research programs sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Bobbie-Jo Webb-Robertson

Computational Biologist, Chief Scientist, Group Leader
Bobbie-Jo Webb-Robertson is the chief scientist of Computational Biology within the Biological Sciences Division and co-director of the Precision Medicine Innovation Co-Laboratory (PMedIC).

Aaron Wright

Chemical Biologist, Group Leader
As a chemical biologist, Aaron Wright's research is focused on developing chemical tools for functional profiling of biological systems. He leads the Biological Systems Science group at PNNL and is adjunct faculty at WSU.

Biological Systems Science

germ free facility
Chemical Biology Team
Ecosystem Science Team
Exposure Science and Pathogen Biology Team
Microbiome Science Team
Synthetic Biology Team





Computational Biology

computational biology
Data Science & Biostatistics
Modeling & Simulation
Molecular Analytics
Systems Biology





Integrative Omics

liquid processor - Gritsenko
Biosample Pipeline
Biostructure & Function
Instrument Development & Deployment





Biological Systems Science

Chemical Biology Team
Ecosystem Science Team
Exposure Science and Pathogen Biology Team
  • Jordan Smith, Team Lead
  • William Chrisler, Biomedical Scientist
  • Matthew Gaffrey, Biomedical Scientist
  • Kari Gaither, Post Doctorate RA B
  • Vince Gerbasi, Biomedical Scientist
  • Kristie Oxford, Biomedical Scientist
  • Thomas Weber, Biomedical Scientist
Microbiome Science Team
  • Kirsten Hofmockel, Team Lead
  • Sheryl Bell, Earth Scientist
  • Michelle Davison, Biologist
  • Yuliya Farris, Biomedical Scientist
  • Christopher Kasanke, Post Doctorate RA B
  • Ryan McClure, Computational Scientist
  • Dan Naylor, Post Doctorate RA A
  • William Nelson, Computational Scientist
  • Darian Smercina, Pauling Fellow
  • Kimberly Tyrrell, Biomedical Scientist
  • Ruonan Wu, Post Doctorate RA B
Synthetic Biology Team
  • Alex Beliaev, Team Lead
  • Henri Baldino, Post Bachelors RA
  • Pavlo Bohutskyi, Chemical Engineer
  • Arielle Eaton, Post Bachelors RA
  • Rob Egbert, Synthetic Biologist
  • Joshua Elmore, Biologist
  • Marci Garcia, Post Bachelors RA
  • Eric Hill, Microbiologist
  • Ritu Shrestha, Post Doctorate RA B
  • Subhrajit Sinha, Post Doctorate RA C

Computational Biology

Data Science & BioStatistics
Modeling & Simulation
  • Vlad Petyuk, Team Lead
  • Mridula V S Bontha, Masters Intern
  • Rajendra Prashad Joshi, Post Doctorate RA C
  • Doo Nam Kim, Computational Scientist
  • Andrew Kuprat, Mathematician
  • Andrew McNaughton, Post Bachelors RA
  • Michael Nestor, Post Bachelors RA
  • Paritosh Pande, Data Scientist
  • Kate Schultz, Data Scientist
  • Dennis Thomas, Computational Scientist
  • Yang Wang, Post Masters RA
Molecular Analytics
  • Ryan Renslow, Team Lead
  • Anubhav, Software Engineer
  • Jessica Bade, Post Bachelors RA
  • Madison Blumer, Post Bachelors RA
  • Christine Chang, Post Masters RA
  • Grant Fujimoto, Software Engineer
  • Bryson Gibbons, Software Engineer
  • Cameron Giberson, Technician
  • Monee McGrady, Post Bachelors RA
  • Matthew Monroe, Computational Scientist
Systems Biology

Integrative Omics

Biosample Pipeline
Biostructure & Function
  • Ernesto Nakayasu, Biomedical Scientist
  • Garry Buchko, Chemist
  • Geremy Clair, Biomedical Scientist
  • John Cort, Scientist
  • James Fulcher, Post Doctorate RA B
  • Katherine Graham, Post Doctorate RA B
  • Amy Jystad, Post Doctorate RA B
  • Kathy Lawrence, Technician
  • John Melchior, Protein Biochemist
  • Aaron Ogden, Post Doctorate RA B
  • Samantha Powell, Post Doctorate RA B
  • Jim Sanford, Biomedical Scientist
  • Ryan Sontag, Chemist
  • Juan Wang, Post Doctorate RA C
  • Yi-Ting Wang, Post Doctorate RA B
  • Yinyin Ye, Post Doctorate RA B
  • Le Zhang, Post Doctorate RA B
Instrument Development & Deployment
  • Yehia Ibrahim, Team Lead
  • Christopher Conant, Post Doctorate RA B
  • Micah Donor, Post Doctorate RA B
  • Sandilya Garimella, Computational Scientist
  • Zachary Hanlon, Post Bachelors RA
  • Christopher Harrilal, Post Doctorate RA B
  • Adam Hollerbach, Post Doctorate RA B
  • Adam Huntley, Post Doctorate RA B
  • Pearl Kwantwi-Barima, Post Doctorate RA B
  • Xueyun Zheng, Chemist
  • Tao Liu, Biomedical Scientist
  • Panshak Dakup, Post Doctorate RA B
  • Nicholas Day, Post Doctorate RA A
  • Yuqian Gao, Chemist
  • Marina Gritsenko, Chemist
  • Jon Jacobs, Biomedical Scientist
  • Tai-Tu Lin, Post Doctorate RA B
  • Kendall Schultz, Post Bachelors RA
  • Tujin Shi, Chemist
  • Adam Swensen, Biomedical Scientist
  • CF Tsai, Post Doctorate RA B