Katrina M. Waters

Lab Fellow, Chief Scientist
Katrina Waters is Laboratory Fellow and Chief Scientist in biological sciences at PNNL. She has led numerous research efforts in computational modeling, bioinformatics, and data management.

Josh Adkins

Laboratory Fellow, Biochemist, Group Leader
Josh Adkins leads the division's Integrative Omics group, and he's also the director of a Chemical Analysis Center as a part of the Molecular Transducers of Physical Activity Consortium (MoTrPAC).

Chris Oehmen

Senior Research Scientist, Group Leader
Chris Oehmen leads the computational biology group, and he has more than 18 years of experience developing, leading, and executing research programs for a variety of sponsors.

Paul Wilson

Biomedical Scientist, Biological Systems Sciences Group Leader
Dr. Paul Wilson is a senior biomedical scientist specializing in radiation biology. He previously managed a radiobiology team and radiobiology operations at the NASA Space Radiation Laboratory.

Wei-Jun Qian

Bioanalytical Chemist, Lab Fellow
Wei-Jun Qian develops and applies mass spectrometry-based approaches to better quantify the dynamic changes in protein abundances and protein post-translational modifications in biological and clinical applications.

Richard D. Smith

Chemist, Battelle Fellow
Dick Smith's research interests include developing advanced analytical methods and instrumentation, with particular emphasis on high-resolution separations and mass spectrometry, and their applications in biological and biomedical research.

Bobbie-Jo Webb-Robertson

Computational Biologist, Chief Scientist
Bobbie-Jo Webb-Robertson is the chief scientist of Computational Biology within the Biological Sciences Division and co-director of the Precision Medicine Innovation Co-Laboratory (PMedIC).

Vanessa Bailey

Earth Scientist, Team Leader
Vanessa Bailey studies microbially mediated soil carbon cycling with an emphasis on the roles of physical structure and water dynamics in these processes. Coastal systems are of particular interest.

Kirsten Hofmockel

Senior Scientist, Biological Sciences Division
Kirsten Hofmockel studies the influence of plant-microbe ecology on soil biogeochemistry to identify molecular reactions that inform the prediction of ecosystem responses to environmental change, probable feedbacks to ecosystem functions.

Biological Systems Science

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Chemical Biology Team
Ecosystem Science Team
Exposure Science and Pathogen Biology Team
Microbiome Science Team
Synthetic Biology Team





Computational Biology

computational biology
Data Science & Biostatistics
Modeling & Simulation
Molecular Analytics
Systems Biology





Integrative Omics

liquid processor - Gritsenko
Biosample Pipeline
Biostructure & Function
Instrument Development & Deployment





Biological Systems Science

Chemical Biology Team
  • Stephen Callister, Team Lead
  • Whitney Garcia, PhD Intern
  • Lydia Griggs, Post Masters RA
  • LaRae Hudson, Post Bachelors RA
  • Vivian Lin, Chemist
  • Gerard Lomas, Post Bachelors RA
  • Agne Nixon, Post Bachelors RA
  • Jennifer Ramirez, Post Bachelors RA
  • Nicholas Reichert, Post Doctorate RA
  • Natalie Sadler, Biomedical Chemist
  • Andrea Steiger, Post Doctorate RA 
  • Kiall Francis Suazo, Post Doctorate RA
  • Elise M Van Fossen, Post Doctorate RA 
  • Lucas Webber, Post Masters RA
Ecosystem Science Team
  • Alicia M Amerson, Team Lead
  • Morgan Barnes, Post Doctorate RA
  • Robert Danczak, Post Doctorate RA 
  • Stephanie Fulton, Post Doctorate RA 
  • Vanessa Garayburu-Caruso, Earth Scientist
  • Samantha Grieger, Post Masters RA
  • Francisco J. Guerrero, ICON Science and Communication Research Associate
  • Khadijah K Homolka, Post Bachelors RA
  • Anya Hopple, Post Doctorate RA 
  • Matt Kaufman, Pauling Fellow
  • Maggi M Laan, Masters Intern
  • Sophia McKever, Post Bachelors RA 
  • James P Megonigal, Joint Appointee
  • Allison Myers-Pigg, Earth Scientist
  • Cooper G Norris, Post Bachelors RA
  • Opal Otenburg, Post Bachelors RA 
  • Kaizad Patel, Post Doctorate RA 
  • Aaron C Pelly, PhD Intern
  • Lupita Renteria, Post Bachelors RA
  • Alan Roebuck, Post Doctorate RA
  • James Stegen, Earth Scientist
  • Jianqiu Zheng, Earth Scientist
Exposure Science and Pathogen Biology Team
  • Jordan Smith, Team Lead
  • Kristoffer Brandvold, Chemist
  • William Chrisler, Biomedical Scientist
  • Matthew Gaffrey, Biomedical Scientist
  • Kari Gaither, Post Doctorate RA 
  • Vince Gerbasi, Biomedical Scientist
  • Bojana Leonard, Post Doctorate RA
  • Kristie Oxford, Biomedical Scientist
  • Kimberly Tyrrell, Biomedical Scientist
  • Thomas Weber, Biomedical Scientist
Microbiome Science Team
  • Kitt Bagwell, Team Lead
  • Sheryl Bell, Earth Scientist
  • Yuliya Farris, Biomedical Scientist
  • Emily Graham, Earth Scientist
  • Ryan McClure, Computational Scientist
  • William Nelson, Computational Scientist
  • Kaitlin Rempfert, Post Doctorate RA
  • Darian Smercina, Pauling Fellow
  • Bram Stone, Pauling Fellow
  • Ruonan Wu, Computational Scientist 
Synthetic Biology Team
  • Rob Egbert, Team Lead
  • Soujanya Akella, Post Doctorate RA
  • Sarah K Bogart, Post Bachelors RA
  • Pavlo Bohutskyi, Chemical Engineer
  • Joshua Elmore, Biologist
  • Andrew Frank, Post Bachelors RA
  • Marci Garcia, Post Bachelors RA
  • Eric Hill, Microbiologist
  • Zachary Johnson, Post Bachelors RA
  • Kenton Rod, Soil Scientist
  • Allan Scott, Jr., Post Bachelors RA
  • Andrew Wilson, Post Bachelors RA

Computational Biology

Data Science & BioStatistics
  • Lisa Bramer, Team Lead
  • Nellie Ciesielski, Data Scientist
  • Sean Colby, Data Scientist
  • David Degnan, Data Scientist
  • Damon Leach, Post Masters RA
  • Logan Lewis, Masters Intern
  • Evan Martin, Post Doctorate RA
  • Jamie Nuñez, Data Scientist
  • Tyler Sagendorf, Post Bachelors RA
  • Kelly Stratton, Biostatistician
  • Natalie Winans, Masters Intern
Modeling & Simulation
  • Vlad Petyuk, Team Lead
  • Ben Drucker, Post Bachelors RA
  • Amy Jystad, Post Doctorate RA
  • Doo Nam Kim, Computational Scientist
  • Andrew Kuprat, Mathematician
  • Andrew McNaughton, Post Bachelors RA
  • Camilo Posso, Post Masters RA
  • Kate Schultz, Data Scientist
  • Dennis Thomas, Computational Scientist
  • Rohith Anand Varikoti, Post Doctorate RA

Molecular Analytics
  • Sara Gosline, Team Lead
  • Lindsey N Anderson, Computational Chemical Biologist
  • Christine Chang, Data Scientist
  • Bryson Gibbons, Software Engineer
  • Cameron Giberson, Technician
  • Jeremy Jacobson, Masters Intern
  • Matthew Monroe, Software Engineer
  • Dylan Ross, Post Doctorate RA
Systems Biology
  • Jason McDermott, Team Lead
  • Vincent Danna, Data Scientist
  • Song Feng, Computational Scientist
  • Abigail Jerger, Post Bachelors RA
  • Carter Knutson, Post Bachelors RA
  • Nathaniel Merrill, Post Doctorate RA 
  • Hugh Mitchell, Computational Scientist
  • James Pino, Post Doctorate RA
  • Darren Schmidt, Post Bachelors RA
  • Jeremy Teuton, Research Scientist
  • Amy Zimmerman, Computational Biologist
  • Jeremy Zucker, Computational Scientist

Integrative Omics

Biosample Pipeline
  • Ron Moore, Team Lead
  • Kwame Attah, Chemist
  • Kent Bloodsworth, Chemist
  • Josie Eder, Post Bachelors RA
  • Priscila Lalli, Biomedical Scientist
  • Kathy Lawrence, Technician
  • Patricia Miller, Post Bachelors RA
  • Danny Orton, Chemist
  • Vanessa Paurus, Chemist
  • Athena Schepmoes, Chemist
  • Mischelle M Schutz, Post Bachelors RA
  • Andrew T Townsend, Post Bachelors RA
  • Karl Weitz, Chemist
Biostructure & Function
  • Ernesto Nakayasu, Team Lead
  • Garry Buchko, Chemist
  • Geremy Clair, Biomedical Scientist
  • John Cort, Scientist
  • Ivo Diaz Ludovico, Post Doctorate RA
  • Katherine Graham, Post Doctorate RA 
  • David Mast, Post Doctorate RA
  • John Melchior, Protein Biochemist
  • Aaron Ogden, Post Doctorate RA 
  • Samantha Powell, Post Doctorate RA 
  • Snigdha Sarkar, Post Doctorate RA

  • Mereena George Ushakumary, Post Doctorate RA

  • Yi-Ting Wang, Post Doctorate RA 

  • Youngki You, Post Doctorate RA 

  • Le Zhang, Post Doctorate RA 
Instrument Development & Deployment
  • Tao Liu, Biomedical Scientist
  • Panshak Dakup, Post Doctorate RA 
  • Nicholas Day, Post Doctorate RA 
  • Yuqian Gao, Chemist
  • Marina Gritsenko, Chemist
  • Reta Birhanu Kitata, Post Doctorate RA
  • Xiaolu Li, Post Doctorate RA
  • Tai-Tu Lin, Post Doctorate RA 
  • Rashmi Madda, Post Doctorate RA
  • Heather McCoy, Post Doctorate RA
  • Jim Sanford, Biomedical Scientist
  • Tujin Shi, Chemist
  • Adam Swensen, Biomedical Scientist
  • CF Tsai, Biomedical Scientist
  • Zhangyang Xu, Post Doctorate RA