Computational Scientist
Computational Scientist


Ruonan Wu is a computational scientist on the Microbiome Science team within the Biological Sciences Division at PNNL. After attending college at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), Wu earned a PhD in environmental microbiology with a joint study at the University of Hong Kong (HKU, Ji-Dong Gu’s Laboratory, 2014-2016) and Michigan State University (James Tiedje’s Laboratory 2016-2018). During her undergrad and graduate studies, she developed both wet-laboratory and bioinformatics skills, and applied them to various multidisciplinary studies, such as investigating antibacterial properties of self-synthesized nanoparticles, innate immunity along the progression of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, nitrogen cycle in extreme environments, and targeted detection of CRISPR-CAS in soil.

Currently, Wu is mentored by Janet Jansson and mainly works on the virome task of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science-funded Phenotypic Response of the Soil Microbiome to Environmental Perturbations Science Focus Area. She’s also co-principle investigator of a Laboratory Directed Research and Development project for computational workflow development to uncover unknown RNA viruses in permafrost. Her work aims to integrate the efforts from both multi-omic data mining and current advances in molecular virology to uncover the cryptic viruses in environments and understand their ecological impacts on microbiomes.

Disciplines and Skills

  • Data management practices and high-performance computing clusters
  • Processing and analyzing high-throughput multi-omic data
  • Designing computational workflow for biological data integration and interpretation
  • Good communication skills with experience working on collaborative projects with research groups inside and outside of PNNL


  • PhD in Environmental Microbiology, HKU, 2018
  • BA in Applied Biology, HKBU, 2014

Affiliations and Professional Service

  • American Society of Microbiology (ASM)
  • American Geophysical Union
  • International Society for Microbial Ecology
  • Reviewer of International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation

Awards and Recognitions

  • Outstanding Abstract Award at ASM Microbe 2018
  • Conference Support for Research Postgraduate Students, HKU, 2017
  • Pilot Scheme for Postgraduate Students, HKU, 2016
  • University Postgraduate Fellowship, HKU, 2014-2018
  • Postgraduate Scholarship, HKU, 2014-2018
  • Mr. Lui Ming Fong Memorial Scholarship, HKBU, 2014
  • MI Asia Award, 2014
  • Lee Koon Shin Scholarship, HKBU, 2013
  • Sponsorships for Outstanding Mainland Students, HKBU, 2013
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, HKBU, 2012



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