Bioanalytical Chemist, Lab Fellow
Bioanalytical Chemist, Lab Fellow


Wei-Jun Qian is a bioanalytical chemist whose research centers primarily on the development and applications of mass spectrometry-based approaches to better quantify the dynamic changes in protein abundances and protein post-translational modifications in biological and clinical applications. Qian is currently a staff scientist in the Integrative Omics group in the Biological Sciences Division, where he has worked since 2002. Qian's current research involves the development of chemical proteomic approaches for site-specific quantification of cysteine-based redox modifications and more sensitive selected reaction monitoring-based targeted quantification techniques with applications in pancreatic islets, diabetes, and oxidative stress-related disease areas. In addition to research, he is actively involved in training and mentoring postdoctoral researchers and intern students.


  • PhD in Bioanalytical Chemistry, University of Florida
  • BS in Chemistry, Nanjing University

Awards and Recognitions

  • Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, 2011
  • Director's New Innovator Award, National Institutes of Health, 2009



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