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One of our primary missions at PNNL is to move innovations developed by our researchers—instruments, new processes, technologies, software, software applications, and more—into the marketplace where they can be applied for the betterment of our everyday lives. Patented and copyrighted inventions are made available to existing and startup companies through exclusive and nonexclusive licensing agreements. Each agreement is unique. However, this page on commonly used terms and phrases provides some background on what an agreement could include. We also have sample agreements that will prove useful.

Our commercialization managers can not only help negotiate a contract that will enable you to acquire an invention quickly, they also can identify options for existing intellectual property that could offer you solutions or help you gain a competitive advantage. View our portal of available intellectual property and learn about ways we can collaborate in this brochure.

Exploratory License: Test-Drive Tech for Six Months 

Unique among Department of Energy national laboratories, PNNL offers businesses the opportunity to try out a promising technology through a simple, cost-effective agreement for six months, while reserving the technology from being commercialized by another entity. Learn more about our exploratory licensing agreement.

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Hundreds of technologies across research fields, such as bio-based fuels and products, building efficiency, chemistry, electric grid, information technology, manufacturing, vehicle technology, and many more. View our available technologies page to learn more.

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