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Senior Research Fellows

PNNL's scientists are recognized around the world for their leadership and achievements. The Laboratory recognizes those who have reached the highest levels of scientific achievement and impact with the status of Battelle Fellow or Laboratory Fellow. These are the highest levels of recognition for scientific and technical achievement at PNNL reserved for those who are internationally recognized by their peers, have achieved significant impact within their fields, and consistently demonstrate creativity and leadership at PNNL.

Our Fellows lead integrated cross-laboratory teams, develop scientific programs to advance our research portfolio and serve as key relationship contacts for external collaborators.

Battelle Fellows

Battelle Fellows have made significant contributions that dramatically affect the conduct of their fields and are recognized authorities with far-reaching impact. Battelle Fellows are recommended by PNNL Director, following consultation with Fellows presently holding that rank, and appointed by the president of Battelle Memorial Institute. Less than half a percent of PNNL's researchers currently hold this rank.

Sue B. Clark**

Johannes A. Lercher**

Richard D. Smith

Thom H. Dunning Jr.**

L. Ruby Leung

John M. Zachara

James A. Edmonds

Jun Liu

Laboratory Fellows

Laboratory Fellows have established national and international reputations over careers of sustained, highest-quality research and development in science or engineering. The quality and impact of Laboratory Fellows' work have been validated by peers, including external reviews by experts in their respective fields. Laboratory Fellows are appointed by PNNL's Laboratory Director based upon recommendations of a review committee of Laboratory Fellows representing all research Directorates. A Laboratory Fellow serves as a scientific and technical advisor to the directorate's management team and is looked to for developing the cross-directorate science and technology strategy. About three percent of PNNL's researchers currently hold this rank.

Craig Aalseth
David M. Asner**
Donald R. Baer
Nathan A. Baker
Alain Bonneville
Theodore W. Bowyer
Nigel D. Browning**
Stephen M. Bruemmer
R. Morris Bullock
Scott A. Chambers
Gregory Eiden
Douglas C. Elliott
Andrew R. Felmy**
Judah Friese
Steven J. Ghan
Jay W. Grate
Lawrence R. Greenwood
Michael F. Hochella**
Robert Houze Jr.**
Zhenyu (Henry) Huang
Janet K. Jansson
Bruce D. Kay
David W. Koppenaal
Richard T. Kouzes
Norbert Kruse**
Richard J. Kurtz
Julia Laskin**
Yuehe Lin**
Gregg J. Lumetta
Andrew Lumsdaine**
B. Peter McGrail
Harry S. Miley
Karl T. Mueller**
Ljiljana Pasa-Tolic
Charles H. F. Peden
Greg F. Piepel
Philip Rasch**
Karin D. Rodland
Kevin Rosso
Gregory K. Schenter
Timothy D. Scheibe
Lance C. Seefeldt**
Eric Smith
Jeffry W. Stevenson
Alexandre Tartakovsky
John F. Wacker
Hong Wang
Yong Wang**
H. Steven Wiley
Bob W. Wright
Sotiris S. Xantheas
Jiguang (Jason) Zhang

** Joint Appointee

Our Emeritus Fellows include:

  • Larry Chick
  • Gregory J. Exarhos
  • Jean H. Futrell
  • David King

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