Meet the Team

Your Business Partner for Technology Solutions

Our team of experts specialize in understanding market needs and finding PNNL-developed technologies, analytical instruments, and software that can be brought to markets where they solve national problems, enhance lives, and improve U.S. industrial competitiveness.

Christina Lomasney
Christina Lomasney, Director of Commercialization
Specializes in electricity infrastructure, fuel cells, and hydrogen production technologies.
(509) 372-4773
Hunt 220 px
Sara Hunt, Commercialization Manager
(206) 528-3535
Specializes in advanced manufacturing, buildings, and environment technologies.
Alex Kendall
Alex Kendall, Commercialization Manager
(509) 375-7304
Specializes in biotechnology, bioprocessing, catalyst materials, and nuclear technologies.
Kannan Krishnaswami, Commercialization Manager
Kannan Krishnaswami, Commercialization Manager
(509) 375-4597
Specializes in analytical instrumentation, cybersecurity, data analytics, research computing, and sensors technologies.
Allan Tuan, Commercialization Manager
Allan Tuan, Commercialization Manager
(509) 375-6866
Specializes in advanced materials, bioproducts, chemical processing, and energy storage technologies.