Douglas Mans

Douglas Mans, Division Director


Gert Patello

Gert Patello, EMSL Chief Operations Officer


Justin Teeguarden

Justin Teeguarden, EMSL Chief Science Officer


Ratna Sarpalli

Ratna Saripalli, EMSL Chief Data Officer


John Bargar

John Bargar, Environmental Transformation and Interactions Group Leader


Scott Baker

Scott Baker, Functional and Systems Biology Group Leader


Jay Bardhan

Jay Bardhan, Computing, Analytics, and Modeling Group Leader



Jon Jacobs

Jon Jacobs, Cell Signaling & Communications Team Leader


Kristin Burnum-Johnson

Kristin Burnum-Johnson, Metabolomics Team Leader


Paul Piehowski

Paul Piehowski, Proteomics Team Leader


Chris Anderton

Christopher Anderton, Biogeochemical Transformations 1 Team Leader


Odeta Qafoku

Odeta Qafoku, Biogeochemical Transformation 2 Team Leader


Tamas Varga

Tamas Varga, Terrestrial-Atmosphere Processes Team Leader


Scott Lea

Scott Lea, Structural Biology Team Leader


Pubudu Handakumbura

Pubudu Handakumbura, Rhizosphere Function Team Leader


Satish Karra

Satish Karra, Data Transformations Team Leader


Edo Apra

Edo Aprà, Systems Modeling Team Leader


Ryan Wright

Ryan Wright, Computing Platforms Team Leader


Kurt Maier

Kurt Maier, Data Architecture Team Leader