IT Engineer
IT Engineer


Ryan Wright is the Computing Platforms team leader in PNNL’s Environmental Molecular Sciences Division. Wright also works as a cognizant space manager (CSM) of the Molecular Science Computing (MSC) laboratory and the primary system administrator responsible for EMSL's long-term scientific data archive. He is a level 2 technical oversight representative, responsible for mitigating risks to staff, vendors, and PNNL throughout the procurement process, and a graduate of the inaugural class of PNNL's Project Management Development program. 

Wright was hired in January 2002 to assist with developing a cutting-edge, multi-terabyte storage system for long term data archiving. He has since guided archive operations and upgrades through multiple iterations. EMSL's fifth generation archive, "Aurora," was first installed in fiscal year 2010 and has been continuously upgraded. Aurora is a hierarchical storage management system running High-Performance Storage System with a raw storage capacity of over 50 petabytes (as of 2020). 

As CSM of the MSC laboratory space, Wright is responsible for allocations of physical floor space, power and cooling, implementing data center best practices, and ensuring the safety and security of visitors, staff, and U.S. Department of Energy capital investments. 


Research Interest

  • High performance computing (HPC)  

  • Management of HPC data center operations 

  • Water cooling of HPC resources 

  • Innovative storage technologies 

  • Long term petascale data archival 


  • BS in Information Technology, University of Phoenix, 2004  

Affiliations and Professional Service

  • Chairman, Technology Advisory Committee, Kennewick School District (2013 – Present)