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Cut U.S. commercial building energy use 29% with widespread controls

The U.S. could slash its energy use by the equivalent of what is currently used by 12 to 15 million Americans if commercial buildings fully used energy-efficiency controls nationwide.

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Novel glimpses into early lung development

PNNL scientists have gotten one of the most in-depth looks ever at the developing lung, characterizing hundreds of lipids and thousands of proteins from samples as small as just 4,000 cells.

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PNNL helping to design tomorrow's exascale supercomputers

A new national collaboration will take supercomputers to the next level of performance.

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ARM site hits milestone: 25 years providing data from the Great Plains

For 25 years, the Southern Great Plains observatory of the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Climate Research Facility has produced data allowing scientists to better understand our planet.

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Next-gen solvents capture carbon with half the energy

Power plants could capture their carbon emissions while using half the energy of traditional carbon capture methods with water-lean carbon capture solvents.

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Improved understanding of a widely used 'thermometer' for Earth's ancient oceans

Scientists have improved our ability to interpret one of the most common measures of the temperature of Earth's oceans in the distant past.

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Inflatable plug for subway tunnels demonstrated

A giant inflatable 'plug' helps safeguard subway tunnels against flood waters.

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Posakony, longtime PNNL researcher and ultrasonics pioneer, dies at age 92

Longtime PNNL researcher and ultrasound pioneer dies.

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Battery based on PNNL tech given EPA green chemistry award

A company that produces a battery based on technology developed at PNNL has been honored with an EPA Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

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