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DECEMBER 1, 2013
Research Highlight

A Better Bit of Binding

In studying how to modify carbon electrodes for catalyzed reactions, scientists at the Center for Molecular Electrocatalysis designed a process for creating a plethora of specialized electrodes at room temperature.
AUGUST 1, 2013
Research Highlight

New Catalyst Dives into Water to Produce Hydrogen

Few catalysts are energy efficient, highly active, stable and operate in water, but a nickel-based catalyst designed at the Center for Molecular Electrocatalysis at PNNL quickly produces hydrogen molecules in solutions with 75 percent water
MAY 1, 2013
Research Highlight

Would You Hire This Catalyst?

Given two catalysts for the job of turning intermittent wind or solar energy into chemical fuels, scientists chose the material that gets the job done quickly and uses the least energy.
JANUARY 1, 2013
Research Highlight

A Pathway for Protons

Moving four relatively large protons to where they are needed is easier if you build a path, as is being done by scientists at the Center for Molecular Electrocatalysis.
FEBRUARY 1, 2012
Research Highlight

Catalyst Masters Reverse

When it comes to driving hydrogen production, a new catalyst built at PNNL can do what was previously shown to happen only in nature: store energy in hydrogen and release that energy on demand.