August 5, 2021
Staff Accomplishment

PNNL Papers Lauded as “Noteworthy,” “Superior”

Symposia honors researchers’ contributions to radioactive waste management


2021 marks the largest cohort of PNNL authors and co-authors to be recognized at annual Waste Management Symposia for environmental management research

(Composite image by Stephanie King | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

“Papers of Note” honors were recently awarded to four papers co-written by 18 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) researchers as part of the 2021 Waste Management Symposia (WMS).

The accolades recognize excellence given a paper’s relevance in 10 areas, ranging from its description of a novel approach to its technical content being of the highest quality. The areas ultimately reflect the Symposia’s mission to support safe, environmentally responsible, technically sound, and cost-effective waste management solutions. In total, the symposia recognized 17 papers as noteworthy, meaning PNNL took home nearly a quarter of the Papers of Note mentions.

The four papers were also among nine PNNL papers chosen as WMS “Superior Papers.” These honors represent the writing of 35 PNNL researchers. With almost half of PNNL’s submissions selected as superior, this year marks the largest cohort of PNNL researchers to be recognized as superior by WMS yet.

WMS organizers established “Superior Paper” awards at the 2015 symposia to recognize distinguished contributions to the advancement of radioactive waste and material management. PNNL researchers have been recognized in this manner every year since the awards’ inception.

WMS is the world’s largest and most prestigious conference on radioactive waste management and disposal, decommissioning, packaging and transportation, facility siting, and site remediation. This aligns with PNNL’s expertise in providing technical solutions for nuclear waste processing, spent fuel management, and environmental remediation. With recognition at the 2021 WMS, PNNL’s role in accelerating cleanup momentum was on display for over 1,400 industry specialists and managers from more than 17 countries.

The Papers of Note specific to PNNL went to:

The previous four “Papers of Note” were also recognized as “Superior Papers,” in addition to these five PNNL papers: