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OCTOBER 9, 2023

Water Heaters Put in a Plug for Decarbonization

PNNL is at the midpoint of a study focused on the installation of electric heat pump water heaters in New Orleans homes. The efficient water heaters offer a unique capability that could help speed the transition from fossil fuels.
AUGUST 4, 2023

Home Hacks Backed by Research

The PNNL-managed Building America Solution Center translates research into actionable considerations for homeowners and builders to provide two solutions in one: increasing energy efficiency while also enhancing disaster resistance.
JUNE 27, 2023

Buildings, the Grid, and an Electric Future

PNNL’s extensive portfolio of buildings-grid research included three projects that helped answer some of the technical questions related to leveraging energy consumption in buildings to enhance grid operations.
APRIL 28, 2023

Building-Grid Ideas Ascend to Summit

The Northwest Connected Communities Summit brought together representatives of five Department of Energy-funded Connected Communities Projects to share ideas and discuss potential collaboration opportunities.
JANUARY 16, 2023

PNNL Pens Market Success Report

Staff at PNNL recently completed a report highlighting commercial products enabled through projects funded by the Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office.
OCTOBER 25, 2022

Single, Double, or Triple: Efficiency Comes Home

The Department of Energy has issued updated energy conservation standards for manufactured homes. The effort to establish the standards, supported by PNNL, is expected to result in a range of benefits for the manufactured housing sector.