Center for the Remediation of Complex Sites

The Center for the Remediation of Complex Sites (RemPlex) is a Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) platform that couples unique core competencies and expertise with state-of-the-art facilities and physical assets to develop, mature, and deploy advanced technologies to solve complex issues of contaminated subsurface environments.  

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PNNL’s Center for the Remediation of Complex Sites (RemPlex) provides continuity of scientific and technical expertise to support environmental remediation and site stewardship decisions on both a national and international stage. Our expertise in basic and applied remediation science and technology continues to grow through our direct support to the Hanford Site, one of the most complex sites in the world. Our integrated approach to laboratory, field, and predictive site-specific analyses; our adherence to obtaining the necessary understanding of processes for better decision-making; and our partnering with regulatory agencies to generate national and international guidance documents relevant to adaptive site management make us an ideal location for RemPlex. Our strategically focused research, analyses, and technological contributions provide crucial science-based and risk-informed solutions to global environmental remediation and stewardship challenges that save significant clean-up dollars and reduce both risks and timeframes clean-up missions.

PNNL has been a leader in Environmental Remediation since 1965 and has a proven track record of supporting deployment of advanced technologies and alternative strategies. PNNL is committed to restoring the environment for a cleaner future.

PNNL Technology Readiness Level Capabilities

PNNL is uniquely positioned to deliver the scientific and engineering knowledge – from basic science and feasibility research to lab and engineering scale demonstrations – that supports a seamless transition of the maturation and deployment of advanced technologies to achieve mission goals.  PNNL’s core competencies and knowledge of the fundamental scientific and engineering principles allows us to effectively transition remediation technologies to the field scale and is central to our role in technology analysis and maturation.  Clients can leverage existing capabilities from numerous current and on-going programs spanning all Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) to successfully and economically address challenges in legacy waste clean-up and environmental contamination.


The readiness steps to take a technology from scientific discovery to deployment.


PNNL’s Role in Technology Development and Deployment

As a national laboratory, PNNL views its role in technology development and deployment as a partner with its client to ensure deployment of technically sound solutions to environmental remediation challenges.  The key to a successful transition of technologies from conception to implementation is a collaborative relationship with site owners and/or the clean-up contractors.  Over the past 50 years, PNNL has worked closely with its clients to translate fundamental principles underpinning remediation technology performance to full-scale operations.  Our support enables the site owners and/or contractors to implement new technologies with the site baseline.

A graphic showing the process of developing the technical underpinning for remediation solutions, leading to deployment worldwide.


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