The Data-Model Convergence (DMC) Initiative is a multidisciplinary effort to create the next generation of scientific computing capability through a software and hardware co-design methodology.

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Computers are essential tools for scientific discovery. As with any tool, whoever wields computation most effectively will have a competitive advantage in their field. As technologies and applications of computing continue to rapidly evolve, existing leaders are challenged and opportunities for new leaders emerge.

The next big advance will be to seamlessly integrate scientific modelling and simulation with data analytics methods that include artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) and graph analytics—pushing computing beyond what we can do today to obtain orders of magnitude improvement in efficiency—thereby enabling fundamentally new and transformational science. This is the goal of the Data-model Convergence (DMC) Initiative. 

The DMC heterogeneous computing system will be co-designed to tackle challenging problems associated with the analysis and control of the electric power grid and accelerate scientific discovery across a broad range of biology, chemistry, materials, and energy application domains.