April 20, 2022
Staff Accomplishment

Devaraj Receives Young Leaders Professional Development Award

Materials scientist selected for award by The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society

Photograph of a smiling man outside, in front of large windows

 Arun Devaraj was selected for the Young Leaders Professional Development Award, which sponsors attendance at The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society conferences.

(Photo by Andrea Starr | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Arun Devaraj, a Pacific Northwest National Laboratory materials scientist, was selected as one of two recipients of the Young Leaders Professional Development Award from The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS).

TMS is a “professional society that connects minerals, metals, and materials scientists and engineers who work in industry, academia, and government positions around the world.” It organizes conferences, publishes scientific work, and provides professional development opportunities for a global community of scientists.

“I’ve been involved with TMS since 2008, during my PhD days and throughout the rest of my professional career,”’ said Devaraj. “I am delighted to have this opportunity to play more of an active role in Materials Processing and Manufacturing Division activities in TMS.”

The Young Leaders Professional Development Award provides young professionals who are active members of TMS with an opportunity to deeply engage in TMS activities. It facilities their interaction with TMS division leaders and allows early career scientists to participate in decision-making and long-range planning for TMS.

Three men stand side by side, two displaying folders with award certificates
Arun Devaraj receives his award at the 2022 TMS meeting. (Image courtesy of Arun Devaraj | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Devaraj has been a member of TMS for 14 years. He has organized several conference symposia at TMS annual meetings and TMS-sponsored Materials Science & Technology meetings. He also served as a guest editor for multiple special issues of JOM, a TMS journal. He currently serves as vice chair of TMS’s shaping and forming technical committee. He will join the TMS Young Professionals Committee for a two year-long term as part of the award.

Devaraj received his PhD in materials science and engineering from the University of North Texas. He is currently the International Field Emission Society Vice President. Devaraj also received a 2020 Early Career Research Program award from the Department of Energy.

Devaraj, a joint appointee with PNNL and Colorado School of Mines, studies how processing and underlying structures influence the properties of clean energy-relevant materials. These include steel, lightweight alloys, energy storage materials, and catalyst materials. His research is at the forefront of the modern renaissance in physical metallurgy. It primarily focuses on revealing the behavior of metals and metal alloys under far-from-equilibrium and extreme conditions.

Published: April 20, 2022