Our research is led out of our seven technical groups:

Detection Physics

Develop ultralow-background techniques and instrumentation aimed at making some of the world’s most sensitive radiation detection measurements by tackling projects ranging from support of international treaties and national security to fundamental research in dark matter detection and neutrino physics. Our researchers support projects including the Axion Dark Matter eXperiment, the MAJORANA Neutrinoless Double-beta Decay Experiment, Project 8, nEXO, Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE), and SuperCDMS

NSD Detection Physics group

Engineered Materials

Design, synthesize, implement, characterize, and monitor functional materials for national security missions leveraging chemistry, computations and modeling, data science, characterization tools, and non-destructive evaluation approaches.

M&C_DilutionRefrig-1 - Engineered Materials
  • Computational Chemistry and Materials Modeling
  • Materials Synthesis and Characterization
  • Non-destructive Evaluation and Materials Property Measurement

Engineered Systems

Create and build fieldable solutions to connect our technology to the people who need our help: those on the front lines protecting and serving our country. Using systems engineering techniques, we develop custom, ruggedized, embedded systems that allow artificial intelligence or machine learning algorithms to promote learning and decision making.

Radiofrequency signals are collected from the experimental qubit -Engineered Systems
Strategically Aligned Capabilities

    Disruptive Technology

    With a focus on emerging technologies, we integrate capabilities across electromagnetics, systems modeling, communications, analytics development, and systems design to serve as a flywheel for feeding technology advancements at PNNL. 

    Dave Sheen - millimeter wave technology - Disruptive Technology
    Strategically Aligned Capabilities

      Systems Integration

      Provide thought leadership and apply expertise in project management, system integration, and technology deployment to complex national security projects. We collaborate with stakeholders to understand our sponsors’ capability requirements to support their varied missions. 

      NSD Systems Integration group
      Strategically Aligned Capabilities
      • Project support from implementation to sustainment
      • Technical expertise in nuclear and radiological security and nuclear nonproliferation
      • Programmatic thought leadership

      Technology Integration 

      Provide technical program leadership expertise to multifaceted, diverse, and critical programs that deliver technology into the hands of national security providers. We collaborate across PNNL and other national laboratories to deliver impactful solutions that achieve real-world mission objectives in the field.

      Technology Integration - Web
      Strategically Aligned Capabilities
      • Program or project management
      • Trusted diplomatic agents in stakeholder engagement
      • Leadership of technology development and integration

      Operational Readiness

      Assure the operational readiness of global nuclear and radiological security missions through the stewardship of technical capabilities, including instructional design, training and workshop development and delivery, and project management expertise.

      PNNL Programmatic Event Specialists conduct virtual training for the IAEA -Operational Readiness
      Strategically Aligned Capabilities
      • Virtual Event Studios
      • Instructional design
      • Training program management
      • Capability building tools development