May 8, 2024
Staff Accomplishment

Piyoosh Jaysaval Receives Early Career Award

The Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society awards data scientist at PNNL with the EEGS and Geonics Limited Early Career Award

Jaysaval Piyoosh

Jaysaval Piyoosh

(Photo by Andrea Starr | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

The Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS) recognized Data Scientist Piyoosh Jaysaval at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) with the EEGS and Geonics Limited Early Career Award. The award acknowledges significant and ongoing contributions to environmental and engineering geophysics and is awarded to an individual who is within 10 years post-completion of their PhD or fewer than five years beyond the start date of their current appointment.

Jaysaval received the award in March 2024 at the 36th Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems (SAGEEP) in Tucson, Arizona.

Jaysaval was nominated by Computational Scientist Judy Robinson from PNNL.

“Piyoosh is an outstanding colleague, and I am so pleased that he has received the early career award from EEGS,” Robinson said. “Since joining PNNL, Piyoosh has developed an innovative and robust geophysical modeling code, augmented PFLOTRAN with geophysical modeling capabilities, and improved geophysical prediction of subsurface behavior.”

Jaysaval developed a fully 3-D frequency-domain electromagnetic inversion code integrated within the framework of E4D, a PNNL-developed geophysical modeling and inversion code designed for subsurface imaging and modeling of contaminant distributions, injection delivery extent, and dynamic biogeochemical processes.  

In addition, he led the challenging task of augmenting the massively parallel subsurface flow and reactive transport code PFLOTRAN with time-lapse electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) data simulation and inversion. The new capability allows for an estimation of the subsurface parameters necessary for improved prediction of subsurface behavior. He is also leading the development of real-time subsurface imaging using artificial intelligence and drone-based geophysical methods.

Piyoosh Jaysaval stands next to Fred Day-Lewis posing with award
PNNL Data Scientist Piyoosh Javsaval (left) receives the Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society and Geonics Limited Early Career Award from PNNL Chief Geophysicist Fred-Day Lewis at the 36th Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems in Tucson, Arizona. (Photo courtesy of Piyoosh Jaysaval | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

“Receiving the EEGS and Geonics Early Career Award is a truly remarkable achievement that marks a significant personal and professional milestone for me,” Jaysaval said. “This award recognizes the hard work and progress I have made in the early stages of my career, bolstering my determination to continue advancing in the field of geosciences.”

Outside of his work advancing the field, Jaysaval mentors postdoc researchers at PNNL and periodically volunteers at a local science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) high school program for students from three public school districts.

“The recognition reflects the supportive and collaborative spirit of the environment I work in,” said Jaysaval. “I am deeply inspired by the fact that my work has earned the recognition and appreciation of both my nominators and the selection committee. Seeing the positive impact of my contributions on the field is incredibly motivating, and this acknowledgment fuels my desire to further drive progress and innovation within the geosciences community.”