Aquatic Research Laboratory

Specialized facilities are essential to the advancement of PNNL’s sponsored research programs and LDRD-funded projects.

Unique facilities at PNNL, including dedicated laboratories for power grid operations, marine sciences, data analytics, and atmospheric sciences, equip researchers to take on some of the most challenging questions, and expand the frontiers of scientific understanding and technological possibility.

In addition to more than two dozen state-of-the-art facilities supporting the laboratory’s missions in scientific discovery, energy resiliency, and national security, PNNL is the steward of two U.S. Department of Energy national scientific user facilities, ARM and EMSL, serving more than 2,000 researchers worldwide each year.

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Carbon Mineralization Laboratories

The carbon mineralization laboratories and capabilities at PNNL-Richland help accelerate commercial-scale deployment of geologic carbon dioxide storage coupled with critical mineral recovery and other frontier low-carbon technologies.

Center for Molecular Electrocatalysis

PNNL is the lead institution for the Center for Molecular Electrocatalysis (CME), an EFRC that seeks to establish the fundamental principles needed for efficient interconversion of electrical energy and chemical bonds.

Discovery Hall

Discovery Hall elevates scientific engagement by giving PNNL the ability to convene science and technology conferences and workshops in a modern, high-tech venue that accommodates large groups (450+ people) as well as small gatherings.

Energy Sciences Center

Scheduled for completion in 2021, a new Energy Sciences building will serve as a focal point for the synergistic research being conducted among PNNL scientists and academic partners

Environmental Chambers

PNNL’s environmental chambers allow researchers to compare indoor and outdoor performance of building equipment to improve efficiency, standards, and more.

Greenhouse at PNNL-Sequim

PNNL-Sequim has a 720-square-feet greenhouse with an automated roof and side venting so that researchers can work under natural lighting with controlled thermal conditions.

Grid Storage Launchpad at PNNL

The DOE’s Office of Electricity has selected PNNL as the site for a new, national grid energy storage research and development (R&D) facility to accelerate the development of the next generation of grid energy storage technologies.

High Throughput Center

At PNNL’s High Throughput Center, robots handle routine and repetitive small-scale laboratory tasks to improve the researchers’ labor landscape—and productivity.