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FEBRUARY 27, 2020
Staff Accomplishment

Passions Take Flight at PNNL

PNNL offers a wide range of internships in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Interns work in offices and laboratories alongside experienced researchers to expand their knowledge and form mentoring relationships.
FEBRUARY 19, 2020
Staff Accomplishment

David Manz Inducted into SFS Hall of Fame

David Manz, a PNNL cybersecurity scientist working to build more resilient architectures for the nation’s critical infrastructure, was inducted to the National Science Foundation’s CyberCorps: Scholarship for Service (SFS) Hall of Fame.
FEBRUARY 13, 2020
Staff Accomplishment

‘My Fortunate Journey’

Evangelina Galvan Shreeve, the daughter of Mexican farmworkers, is now the director of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
JANUARY 24, 2020
Staff Accomplishment

Nicole Nichols Speaks at AI Summit

Nicole Nichols, a senior researcher at PNNL, spoke during the AI: Policy Matters Summit in Seattle, Washington on December 12. The summit, hosted by TechAlliance, brought together more than 200 leaders from across Washington State.
DECEMBER 20, 2019
Staff Accomplishment

Two PNNL Researchers Named IEEE Fellows

Sonja Glavaski and Kevin Schneider, both electrical engineers at PNNL, have been named as IEEE fellows. IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.
DECEMBER 17, 2019
Staff Accomplishment

Women in Computational Topology Success

A group of female mathematicians and computer scientists, which includes PNNL’s Emilie Purvine, has published its third paper on joint research to understand and accurately represent object relationships through metric graphs.
DECEMBER 17, 2019
Staff Accomplishment

Efficiency Org Touts Tune-Ups

PNNL’s Srinivas Katipamula and Nora Wang have received a Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance award for contributing to the success of Seattle’s Building Tune-Up Accelerator Program.