PNNL’s Signature Science and Technology Division works across fundamental science, research and development, and operations to counter emerging national security threats. We combine new capabilities with measurement, analysis and data analytics for a growing threat landscape. By moving signature detection toward mission relevant speed, we deliver the solutions necessary for complex mission needs, from explosives detection and biological threat detection to special nuclear materials.

SST Pure Materials

Produce radiopure, chemically pure, and structurally pure materials for sample collection, sensing, and next-generation computing.

SST Threat Defense
Countering biological and chemical threats in a world without meaningful norms.
SST Nuclear Monitoring
Make measurements at the speed and scale of mission relevance though analysis of cross-domain data.

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As a multi-program DOE National Laboratory, PNNL leverages chemistry and biology capabilities to support U.S. Government missions to detect and interdict illicit opioids and to treat overdoses. PNNL has a history of developing science-based solutions to keep America safe, and has recently established capabilities to conduct research with gram quantities of opioids, in powder and solution form. PNNL has approval from State of Washington and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency to work with several different controlled substances, including work with morphine, oxycodone and fentanyl and its analogs. By establishing an experimental capability to work with Schedule I and II opioids, PNNL continues to carry out difficult, demanding and exhilarating research to make the world safer.

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