February 5, 2024

Journal Spotlights Women in International Nuclear Security

Special issue highlights topics of gender, experiences of women in nuclear security

Photos of Lindsey Gehrig and Kathleen Doty with a nuclear security background

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Lindsey Gehrig and Kathleen Doty were guest editors and Stephanie King designed the cover for the International Journal of Nuclear Security and Nuclear Security Women Initiative’s special issue focused on women in nuclear security.

(Image composition by Shannon Colson | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

The complexities of nuclear security are not purely technical. A special issue of the International Journal of Nuclear Security, in collaboration with the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Nuclear Security Women Initiative, focuses exclusively on gender in the international field of nuclear security.

The journal issue, “Women in Nuclear Security,” showcases three themes: the role of women in nuclear security in Ukraine, opportunities and challenges for legal regimes related to gender and nuclear security, and regional experiences of women in the field. Kathleen Doty and Lindsey Gehrig, who are advisors in Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Threat Prevention and Resilience group, joined NNSA Foreign Affairs Specialist Taylor Hart-McGonigle as guest editors. PNNL Science Illustrator Stephanie King also designed the cover.

“It was an honor to edit this special issue and to have the opportunity to amplify women's voices within the field of nuclear security. Listening to their experiences from around the world helps us create more and better opportunities in the future,” said Doty.

“Through efforts like this issue and the Nuclear Security Women Initiative, we bring to science a more diverse and inclusive nuclear security workforce, which ultimately builds resilience and sustainability in the field,” added Gehrig.

The issue includes articles coauthored by PNNL national security staff, such as “Connecting Nuclear Security to International Frameworks on Gender and Security,” by Doty and PNNL International Compliance Analyst Jessica Burniske; and “Women in Nuclear Power Programs: Case Studies from Africa” by Burniske and Madalina Man, also a PNNL international compliance analyst, Chanel Chauvet-Maldonado from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Beth Kaboro from Kenya Nuclear Regulatory Authority, and Susan Nalumansi from the Atomic Energy Council of Uganda. PNNL peer reviewers also provided subject matter expertise to the journal, including Senior Advisor Malinda Devaney, Project Manager Anne McQuaid, and Miles Porter and Cristina Siserman-Gray who are international compliance analysts.

The open-access special issue is available here.

Published: February 5, 2024

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