Project Schedule Visualizer

The Project Schedule Visualizer (PSV) software helps users readily identify and understand the impacts of updates to the schedule, budget, and risks associated with large, complex projects that cross departments. The tool is user-friendly for those with and without technical proficiency in project scheduling and includes many of the features offered by common commercial tools, at a significantly lower cost.

Conceptual image of person interacting with project schedule visualization on a monitor

The user-friendly P6 Schedule Visualizer tool, developed by researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, is available for non-exclusive license in all fields at costs that are highly competitive with other commercially available tools with similar functionality.

Composite image by Cortland Johnson | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


When managing a complex project schedule, any change to one aspect of the schedule can have far-reaching downstream effects, and the driving factors may not be obvious amid volumes of interdependent data. To uncover these drivers and understand related schedule risks, project managers often compare Gantt charts and change reports, which can be labor-intensive, clumsy, and lack sufficient detail to inform decisions.

The PSV software tool, developed at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), does the heavy lifting by generating clear visualizations of evolving, complex schedules to provide valuable insights for analysis by users with and without technical project scheduling expertise. Directors, program managers, project managers, risk professionals, domain experts, and project control specialists alike can successfully use the PSV software to support quality project delivery.

The Project Schedule Visualizer offers many of the key features and functionality of other available P6-compatible software products, is more intuitive for non-technical users, and is available for license at low or no cost.

"The Project Schedule Visualizer is a game-changing tool that allows teams to quickly analyze multiple schedules to make informed and proactive decisions to give project teams the best chance of success."

                                                                                                  —Shane Richardson, President, Lagrange

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