Commercialization Manager
Commercialization Manager


Alex Kendall is a commercialization manager at PNNL responsible for identifying, protecting, and marketing the national laboratory's portfolio of intellectual property comprising biotechnology, bioprocessing, catalyst materials, and nuclear technologies.

Alex most recently was a professor and PhD chemist with Oregon Health & Science University, where he taught biomaterials and biomechanics and worked on developing bioactive medical implants and polymer-based materials. Prior to this, Alex served as a senior research and development scientist at the Yale-based start-up company P2 Science in Connecticut. While there, he worked on green chemistry, process ozonolysis, plant-based nylon production, and bioactive compounds for the treatment of tropical diseases.

From 2016 to 2017, Alex was a postdoc at PNNL with the Physical and Computational Sciences Directorate's Molecular Catalysis Team. He has authored 10 patents and 13 scientific articles from his career across academia and industry. 


PhD in Chemistry, University of Oregon

MS in Chemistry, University of Oregon

BS in Chemistry, Western Washington University