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JANUARY 24, 2024

Studying Scarce Electrons

Combining X-ray-based techniques allows researchers to locate and characterize small concentrations of electrons in complex semiconductor films.
AUGUST 2, 2023
Research Highlight

Making Identical Nanoparticles Stick

PNNL researchers demonstrated a simple method to create stable, identical nanoparticles of PdTe2-like composition, which is known to be superconducting, on a WTe2 TMD support.
AUGUST 22, 2022
News Release

Plastic Upcycling: From Waste to Fuel for Less

Plastic upcycling efficiently converts plastics to valuable commodity chemicals while using less of the precious metal ruthenium. The method could recycle waste plastic pollution into useful products, helping keep it out of landfills.
JULY 20, 2022

Enriching Science Education with Thin Films

Tiffany Kaspar’s work has advanced the discovery and understanding of oxide materials, helping develop electronics, quantum computing, and energy production. She strives to communicate her science to the public.