April 13, 2020
Staff Accomplishment

Xiao-Ying Yu Invited to Editorial Board of Atmosphere

Chemist to help spur science missions and themes of international journal

Xiao-Ying Yu

Xiao-Ying Yu

Andrea Starr | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Dr. Xiao-Ying Yu, a physical chemist at PNNL, was recently invited to join the editorial board of Atmosphere, an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes work related to—you guessed it—the atmosphere.

Atmosphere features research from a variety of disciplines and encourages scientists to submit experimental and theoretical work, as well as research proposals and ideas. Key subject areas include aerosols, biometeorology, air quality, biosphere/hydrosphere/land–atmosphere interactions, and climatology and meteorology. As an editorial board member, Dr. Yu will advocate for the scientific missions of Atmosphere, help the journal shape new theme issues, and evaluate submitted manuscripts.

Yu’s work focuses on interfacial molecular- and atomic-level phenomena, especially as they relate to biological systems (including biofilms), aerosols, colloids, novel materials, and catalysis. She is the primary inventor of SALVI—System for Analysis at the Liquid Vacuum Interface—a device that can study liquid samples and the interfacial evolution of complex materials in their native liquid states. Yu and her team are using SALVI for a variety of applications, including the study of aerosols in air, oil-in-water emulsions as wastewater, and particles suspended in liquids with diverse applications.

Atmosphere was created in 2010 and releases new issues monthly.

Published: April 13, 2020