June 26, 2018
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Liu Receives DOE Distinguished Achievement Award

Recognized for world-class leadership of the Battery500 Consortium


Jun Liu

Jun Liu, a longtime PNNL energy materials scientist and storage expert, was honored with a DOE Distinguished Achievement Award at the 2018 Vehicle Technologies Office Peer Review on June 21 in Arlington, Virginia.

The award recognizes teams and individuals that have contributed to projects with extraordinary results. Liu was recognized for his “exemplary and world-class leadership of the Battery500 Consortium, one of VTO’s flagship efforts in energy storage.”

Liu has served as director of DOE’s Battery500 Consortium since its inception in 2016, leading the effort among national laboratories, academia, and industry to develop lithium-ion batteries with up to three times the “specific energy” found in today’s electric vehicle batteries. He is a Battelle Fellow who has more than 55 U.S. patents and 400 peer-reviewed publications.


Jun Liu

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