HydroML 2024 Symposium

Join PNNL at the forum for integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning with earth system science

HydroML Symposium event
May 29–31, 2024

Richland, Washington

The HydroML Symposium will explore how emerging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) concepts and capabilities, including data-driven ML, physics-informed ML, the application of large language models (LLMs), and generative AI, can be used to enhance the predictive understanding of hydrological processes and their interactions with broader Earth systems.

Registration is now open! Additional details are available on the symposium website.



Xingyuan Chen, Chaopeng Shen

Organizing Committee Members

Andrew Bennett, Tirthankar Chakraborty, Yunxiang Chen, Zhuoran Duan, Dipankar Dwivedi, Uwe Ehret, Kathryn Lawson, Galen Gorski, Hoshin Gupta, Peishi Jiang, Hernan Moreno, Leila Hernandez Rodriguez, Tirthankar Roy, Yuan-Heng Wang, Yang Yang