Energy Storage @PNNL—Energy Cost and Performance Assessment and Database

Energy Storage Cost and Performance Assessment and Database with Kendall Mongird and Vish Viswanathan

image of energy storage system and event title
11 a.m. (PT), Thursday, October 6, 2022
Composite photo of Kendall Mongird and Vish Viswanathan
Vish Viswanathan and Kendall Mongird (Composite photo by Kelly Machart | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

As the grid storage industry continues to grow and evolve, it becomes increasingly important to examine various technologies and compare their costs and performance on an equitable basis. As part of the Energy Storage Grand Challenge, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is leading the development of a detailed cost and performance database for a variety of energy storage technologies that is easily accessible and referenceable for the entire energy storage stakeholder community. This presentation, given by Kendall Mongird and Vilayanur (Vish) Viswanathan, will cover the 2022 edition of the Cost and Performance Assessment, which continues Energy Storage Grand Challenge efforts of providing a standardized approach to analyzing the cost elements of storage technologies and projecting 2030 costs based on each technology’s current state of development.