February 15, 2024
Journal Article

Studying Response to Light in Offices: A Literature Review and Pilot Study


Researchers have been exploring the influence of light on health in office settings for well over two decades; however, a greater understanding of physiological responses and technology advancements are shifting the way researchers study the influence of light in realistic environments. New technologies paired with ecological momentary assessments (EMAs) administered via smart phones provide ways to collect specific information about individual light exposure as well as occupant response throughout the day. The aim of the study was to document occupant response to tunable lighting in a real office environment, including potential beneficial or adverse health and well-being effects. Twenty-three office employees agreed to participate in a twelve-week study examining occupant response to two lighting conditions (static vs. dynamic) in a realistic office environment. Participants provided subjective feedback regarding their sleep quality, mental well-being, workplace satisfaction, lighting and environmental satisfaction, daytime alertness, mood, and motivation through surveys and EMAs. Although no significant differences were observed for these measures, correlation analyses regarding similar items demonstrate a significant relationship between certain items that may inform future studies.

Published: February 15, 2024


Collier J.M., A. Wilkerson, D. Durmus, and E. Rodriguez-Feo Bermudez. 2023. Studying Response to Light in Offices: A Literature Review and Pilot Study. Buildings 13, no. 2:Art. No. 471. PNNL-SA-176284. doi:10.3390/buildings13020471

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