April 20, 2024
Conference Paper

cuAlign: Scalable Network Alignment on GPU Accelerators


Given two graphs, the objective of network alignment is to find the best one-to-one mapping of vertices in one graph (??) to vertices in the other (??), such that the number of overlaps is maximized. We say that edges(??, ??) ???and(??', ??') ??? are overlapped if ?? is mapped to ??' and ?? is mapped to??'. Network alignment is an important optimization problem with several applications in bioinformatics, computer vision and ontology matching. Since it is an NP-hard problem, efficient heuristics and scalable implementations are necessary. In this work, we introduce a new framework that combines the concepts of intra-network proximity using vertex embedding,Belief Propagation (BP) and approximate weighted matching, and provides qualitative improvements up to22%over state-of-the-art approaches. We also provide scalable implementations on GPU accelerators, demonstrating up to19×speedup for Belief Propagation and 3× speedup for approximate weighted matching relative to previous multithreaded implementation. A combination of combinatorial and algebraic kernels within the network alignment algorithm poses significant hurdles for parallelization. Load imbalance and irregular DRAM traffic limit achievable performance on GPUs. Our novel approach identifies and exploits unique structural proper-ties of the BP-based algorithm and employs code fusion to reduce data movement between different steps of the algorithm. Using a diverse set of inputs, we demonstrate qualitative improvements of our algorithms, and performance gains of our GPU-accelerated implementation. We believe that our work will enable algorithmic improvements and practical applications of network alignment.

Published: April 20, 2024


Xiang L., M.H. Khan, S.M. Ferdous, S. Aravind, and M. Halappanavar. 2023. cuAlign: Scalable Network Alignment on GPU Accelerators. In Proceedings of the SC '23 Workshops of The International Conference on High Performance Computing, Network, Storage, and Analysis (SC-W 2023), November 12-17, 2023, Denver, CO. New York Mls, New York:Association for Computing Machinery. PNNL-SA-170319. doi:10.1145/3624062.3625129