WMD Counterproliferation Training

PNNL develops training, exercises, and assessments to prepare and equip border security officers to detect, identify, and interdict the illicit movements of materials, commodities, and components associated with the development or deployment of a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD).

Training at HAMMER

Training at the HAMMER facility

We provide a unique blend of expert instruction and hands-on training to border enforcement personnel including customs officers, border patrol, border guards, and the various military, police and law enforcement officials who investigate border smuggling and smuggling-related activities.

PNNL staff deliver national security-related courses and training workshops around the world. However, in today’s environment, PNNL recognizes the necessity to focus on a blended approach to learning that incorporates one or any combination of engagement types including in-person, remote, and eLearning.  

Full courses, specific modules, comprehensive practicums, and exercises (or combinations thereof) can be made available for international and domestic partners. Because the remote learning landscape is different for each partner, PNNL prioritizes the best fit solutions to meet each individual engagement.

Countries Trained

The WMD Counterproliferation Training Program has trained over 70 countries domestically and internationally. The program’s flexible and tailored approach can meet the unique needs of each country, both in terms of curriculum and training logistics.

Map of countries trained