Suite Of Comprehensive Rapid Analysis Tools for Environmental Sites

SOCRATES is a suite of online tools that provide rapid data analytics and visualization of environmental data supporting remedy decisions, optimization, and exit strategies.

Using the power of advanced network computing, the tools support short- and long-term site management and monitoring decisions.

Illustration showing layers of the subsurface

SOCRATES web-based visualization tools target a wide variety of subsurface applications.

(Illustration by Delphine Appriou | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

The SOCRATES suite hosts seven modules managed to NQA-1 standards, including:

Illustration showing where the different SOCRATES tools apply in the subsurface.

Time series visualization of groundwater concentration and water level data (CRATES)



Groundwater flow direction and gradient analytics (GALEN)



Groundwater plume analytics to identify concentration trends and support pump-and-treat exit strategies (PLATO)



Early-warning detection system for subsidence using remotely sensed data (ARIUS)



3D visualization of subsurface geology and associated wells and boreholes (ORIGEN)



Visualization and analysis of pump-and-treat system data (HYPATIA)



Visualization of waste site contaminant inventory data to support risk assessment and prioritization of remedial activities (ARISTOTLE)