Welcome to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. As a Department of Energy Office of Science national research and development laboratory, we are dedicated to competitively procuring high quality supplies and services to the best of our ability in a cost-effective and timely manner. for the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. We seek competition to the fullest extent possible and are dedicated to the highest standards of ethical conduct throughout the acquisition process, providing fair opportunity to all businesses who wish to work with us. In support of the US Department of Energy's socioeconomic objectives, we strive to place a fair portion of our total acquisitions with qualified small businesses, small disadvantaged firms, woman-owned, veteran-owned, and HUBZone small business concerns.

PNNL missions are diverse and as such, PNNL procures an broad spectrum of goods and services through three purchasing mechanisms: subcontracts, Purchasing Card, and Business-to-Business (B2B) transactions.  Typical purchases include:

  • Scientific and laboratory equipment
  • Energy and efficiency resources
  • Security systems and products
  • Computational tools and Information Technology Services
  • Construction services
  • Facilities and infrastructure equipment

We invite you to partner with us in providing world-class science and technology for the betterment of our nation.

Selling your goods and services to PNNL

If you are interested in marketing your firm's products or services to the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, please access and register your company in PNNL’s online Supplier Database, the Acquisition Supplier Portal. For all small businesses seeking to maximize your exposure to our purchasing staff, please feel free to contact our Small Business Program Manager.

Sustainable Procurement

In addition to providing quality goods and services to support the scientific endeavors of PNNL, Procurement is also committed to environmentally sound and sustainable procurement practices, or “green” practices. We actively seek to do business with suppliers who offer energy efficient and environmentally responsible products.

FRAUDULENT PURCHASE ORDERS – FBI Fraud Alert Notice Suppliers and vendors:

Please be aware that fraudulent requests for proposals and purchase orders, which purport to originate from Battelle or PNNL, are being circulated across the country.  While scams of this nature are not new, we urge you to maintain a heightened sense of awareness regarding this type of fraud, as scammers are becoming increasingly sophisticated.  The nation has also seen an increase in fraudulent activity since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Possible indicators of a fraudulent request may include:

  1. The email message may be poorly written with improper grammar, incorrect spelling, and awkward sentence structure. A common error is the misspelling of “Battelle” or “Pacific Northwest National Laboratory”.
  2. The sender’s email address is not the same as Battelle/PNNL standard email address domain of or is sent via fax (Battelle/PNNL does not utilize fax-based solicitation or purchasing process)
  3. The message will include an attachment designed to look like a purchase order and consists of a logo or other graphic and a signature that may look legitimate, including one that represents one of our management or procurement staff which may also include incorrect names and/or titles of bonafide Battelle/PNNL procurement staff, with the failure to use Adobe electronic signatures with a time and date stamp.
  4. The delivery location on the request is other than the Battelle/PNNL receiving warehouse in Richland, WA or requests shipment/delivery to non-Battelle/PNNL facilities.
  5. Nonstandard Battelle/PNNL PO numbers, sequences, or use of alpha characters.
  6. No reference to Battelle/PNNL standard terms and conditions.
  7. Orders for items easily marketed for resale or in mass quantities that seem suspect.

If you feel you have received a request for proposal or purchase order purporting to be from Battelle/PNNL that you suspect to be fraudulent, please contact Battelle/PNNL toll free at 1-888-375-7665.

Battelle/PNNL is not liable for unauthorized or fraudulent activities purporting to be from Battelle/PNNL. If your company has been contacted, please also report incidents using the Internet Crime Complaint Center to file a complaint.