Chief Data Scientist
Chief Data Scientist


As the Chief Data Scientist in the Advanced Computing, Mathematics, and Data Division at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), I am deeply committed to driving innovation in data science, computing, and applied mathematics. My career, spanning over a decade, has been dedicated to exploring and expanding the horizons of applied machine learning, artificial intelligence, probabilistic programming, natural language processing, quantum computing, and innovative modeling and simulation methods. These diverse areas of expertise are not just academic pursuits but are actively applied in science, bio/security and engineering mission, addressing both fundamental and applied scientific challenges. My role extends beyond pioneering new research avenues and leading technical programs; it involves a strategic focus on developing scalable AI/ML products, developing modeling, cloud computing, and advanced analytics in computational chemistry, materials science, and digital molecular discovery.

Our efforts span a broad spectrum of disciplines, including applied math, computational chemistry and biology, health science, and medical therapeutics, reflecting our commitment to multidisciplinary research and solution development. Our team, comprised of skilled data and computational scientists, operates at the forefront of technology, developing cutting-edge physics and bio-informed machine learning methods. These are seamlessly integrated with advanced generative AI to forge autonomous decision-making tools capable of handling the intricacies of unstructured and heterogeneous data. This innovative work is vital in tackling the diverse and complex challenges prevalent in our rapidly evolving scientific landscape.

At the core of my leadership philosophy lies a strong commitment to empowering our staff. I am dedicated to mentoring and cultivating our scientists and professionals, creating a culture that values continuous learning and innovation. My vision is to harness the transformative power of data and cutting-edge technology to not only decipher complex challenges but also to forge impactful, lasting solutions that benefit PNNL and our diverse stakeholders. By leading through example, I aim to inspire our team in their scientific endeavors and encourage the next generation of scientists to pursue discovery and make a significant impact in the broader fields.


University of Louisville
Doctor of Philosophy, Computational Chemistry (Applied Math)

University of Louisville
Master of Science, Computational Chemistry

Panjab University
Master of Science, Computational Chemistry

Panjab University
Bachelor of Science, Math/Physics/Chemistry

Awards and Recognitions

  • U.S. Department of Energy Research Award (2021)
  • Ronald L. Brodzinski Award for Early Career Exceptional Achievement (2020)
  • Outstanding Performance Award for Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Research, PNNL (2019)
  • Appreciation award at the OLC International Biotechnology Conference (2019)
  • Outstanding Performance Award for Machine Learning Research and Computer-aided Design, PNNL (2016)
  • Awarded Graduate Dean’s Citation for Excellence in Graduate Studies at University of Louisville (2013)
  • Lawrence Graduate Student Award, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2012)
  • Travel award, American Chemical Society national meeting (2012)
  • Graduate Student Union Fellowship for Supercomputing, University of Louisville (2011)
  • Travel award, International conference on High Perforformane Computing (2010)


(Select Publications)


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