Advancing the Science of Computing

The Advanced Computing, Mathematics, and Data (ACMD) Division focuses on basic and applied computing research encompassing data and computational engineering, data science, machine intelligence, high-performance computing, and applied mathematics to support R&D efforts spanning across all Pacific Northwest National Laboratory mission areas.

Our scientists and engineers design next-generation algorithms to analyze, model, and visualize complex systems; develop new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) methods and tools; apply co-design principles to optimize the performance and energy efficiency of future heterogeneous and reconfigurable computing systems; develop, deploy, and operate advanced software and data architectures; apply mathematical modeling and simulation to discover new chemicals and materials; and contribute to advance autonomic control for cyber-enabled infrastructures.

Featured Stories

NOVEMBER 23, 2020
Web Feature

The Impact of Pruning

PNNL researchers have shown an improved binarized neural network can deliver a low-cost and low-energy computation to help the performance of smart devices and the power grid.
OCTOBER 27, 2020
Staff Accomplishment

Ang Moderates Workshop Panel

James A. Ang, a PNNL computing expert, was recently invited to moderate a panel in a virtual workshop focused on federally funded research and development on software for heterogeneous computing.
OCTOBER 26, 2020
Web Feature

Safeguarding the Nation’s Supercomputers

Tracking down nefarious users is just one example of work at PNNL’s Center for Advanced Technology Evaluation, a computing proving ground supported by DOE’s Advanced Scientific Computing Research program.
OCTOBER 13, 2020
Web Feature

Opening the Black Box of Neural Networks

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory researchers used machine learning to explore the largest water clusters database, identifying—with the most accurate neural network—important information about this life-essential molecule.