Group Leader, Security Systems Optimization
Group Leader, Security Systems Optimization


Elena Peterson joined PNNL in 1990 after getting her BS in Computer and Information Sciences from the University of Oregon. She is currently a senior cybersecurity researcher and the group leader of the Cyber Risk Reduction Group in the Emerging Threats and Technologies Division. She has led the research, development, and management of multiple cross-disciplinary, multi-laboratory projects focused on national and cybersecurity. Her work has included research and development of software for bioinformatics, physics, computational chemistry, and cybersecurity.

Her current roles include the leadership of PNNL’s Advanced Wireless Communications Innovation Studio as well as leading the Cyber Risk Reduction group where she manages staff and helps develop key cyber strategies for PNNL sponsors. She also leads innovative malware research for which she has two patents and an R&D100 award. 


BS, Computer Science, University of Oregon