The Emerging Threats and Technologies (ET&T)  Division’s mission space comprises cybersecurity, infrastructure protection, policy and intelligence, and security systems expertise. The ET&T organization includes over 400 scientists, engineers, and analysts with backgrounds in cyber, nuclear, intelligence, policy, data science, and other fields. Our staff work in interdisciplinary project teams to provide innovative concepts that integrate policy, analytics, science, and technology into unique solutions. Our collaborative environment and commitment to work/life balance makes PNNL an ideal place to advance your career, challenge yourself, and make a difference in the world.

We make national security technology work in the real world by:

  • Providing critical analysis, analytics, and insights to enhance situational awareness and widen the aperture of threat awareness to high-consequence systems on a national scale.
  • Developing detection and mitigation tools for control systems to provide cyber threat intelligence to U.S. critical infrastructures.
  • Stewarding cybersecurity research and development for evaluation, assessment, identification, and system support.
  • Providing international technology assessments, cybersecurity, and research and development solutions for the continued peaceful use of new technology while detecting, preventing, and countering proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
  • Examining the dynamic challenges at the nexus of law, policy, economics, trade, and technology to lead high-impact programs and drive meaningful change worldwide.
  • Delivering critical asset protection globally through integrated threat analysis, optimized security operations and implementation, and specialized training.
  • Bringing together senior technical and strategic advisors to help tune and execute strategy through dedicated leadership.
  • Maintaining proficiency in security disciplines to keep PNNL’s environment secure while evolving with new technological advances.