Cybersecurity Engineer
Cybersecurity Engineer


Dan Sanner is a cybersecurity engineer and team leader of the Cybersecurity Evaluations and Assessments team in the Emerging Threats and Technologies Division. He is an early adopter of emerging technologies and an expert in the architecture and implementation of testbed projects, where he uses virtualization and cloud infrastructures to enable the research of security assessment tactics, techniques, and procedures. Sanner’s current and recent projects include cyber testbed research, cloud security, nuclear cybersecurity subject matter expertise, 5G, ethical hacking, mixed reality, and cyber exercises. Sanner is also the appointed intern focal point for the Emerging Threats and Technologies Division.

A former communications intelligence specialist for the U.S. Marine Corps, he performed system administration, network administration, and information security in support of computer, satellite, and radio communications. Sanner is passionate about cybersecurity education for all ages and spends much of his spare time at local schools and district advisory boards, encouraging kids to become the next generation of cyber defenders, designing curricula for teachers, and teaching how to enjoy modern technology with a healthy dose of professional paranoia. He has been a volunteer for the Department of Energy Cyber Force Competition since 2018 and is a teaching assistant for the Department of Energy’s Cyber Fire Foundry. Sanner has also been volunteering for the Pacific Rim Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (PRCCDC) since 2017, where he has served as a member of the Red Team (professional ethical hacking team) and has been the Red Team Lead. Most recently, he officially represented Pacific Northwest National Laboratory when serving as the Black Team Lead (infrastructure architect) for PRCCDC, utilizing his testbed and cloud expertise to challenge students to actively protect and defend intentionally vulnerable enterprises.

Research Interest

  • Computer security for nuclear security
  • Bio cybersecurity
  • Cloud cyber
  • Cyber training and education


  • BAS in cybersecurity, Columbia Basin College