July 8, 2020
Staff Accomplishment

Yang Leads Special Journal Issue on Marine Energy

Issue features articles by eight PNNL researchers

Yang photo

Zhaoqing Yang

Zhaoqing Yang, PNNL chief scientist for coastal ocean modeling, recently served as guest editor for the Journal of Marine Science and Engineering’s issue on marine energy.

The issue, “Wave and Tidal Energy Resource Characterization and Environment Interactions," focused on recent marine energy related studies on resource characterization and environmental interactions. The issue highlighted Yang’s expertise in estuarine and coastal hydrodynamics, numerical modeling, and marine energy. He also contributed to the issue as a lead author with research on Modeling Assessment of Tidal Energy Extraction in Western Passage.

Scientists from the Marine and Coastal Research Laboratory at PNNL-Sequim also contributed as leads and co-authors for the issue, including Andrea Copping, Mikaela Freeman, Alicia Gorton, Lenaïg Hemery, Taiping Wang, Ziyu (Amanda) Xiao, Gabriel Garcia-Medina, and Fadia Ticona Rollano.