February 5, 2019
Web Feature

Symposium explores smart city evolution

Smart City Symposium

In November, Northeastern University Seattle (NU-Seattle) hosted "Smart Cities: Critical Infrastructure Protection" to explore technology and policy opportunities and challenges facing the smart city evolution. The symposium was organized by Ann Lesperance, PNNL Northwest Regional Technology Center Director and NU-Seattle Program Director of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities.

"The event gave us the opportunity to explore both the public and private policy and technology perspective on how smart technologies are changing our communities now and in the future," Ann said.

The event featured representatives from the Office of Infrastructure Protection Organization at the US Department of Homeland Security, FirstNet, Uber, Lime, Seattle Department of Transportation, Washington State Fusion Center, City of Bellevue, Seattle City Light, CI Security, and the State of Washington. Guests also participated in hands-on demonstrations from technologies from PNNL, RealWear Inc., Uber, and Lime. Read more about the event in "Here's some advice to make internet hackers less frightening" at News@Northeastern.

Published: February 5, 2019