May 21, 2019
Staff Accomplishment

PNNL Team Awarded Best Paper of 2018 by Emission Control Science and Technology

Paper downloaded more than 600 times since August 2018

Filter wall cross section

A detailed look at the Selective Catalytic Reduction filter wall cross sections.

Editors of the journal Emission Control Science and Technology deemed Coating Distribution in a Commercial SCR FilterBest Paper in 2018. The authors include PNNL's Mark Stewart (lead author), Carl Justin Kamp, Feng Gao, Yilin Wang, and Mark Engelhard.

The paper explores catalyst coatings used on exhaust aftertreatment devices such as diesel particle filters (DPF), which play an important role in reducing harmful emissions from on-road vehicles. According to the authors, the findings could be particularly valuable to vehicle manufacturers.

“I think there are a couple of things driving interest in this paper,” said Stewart. “First, it reveals counter-intuitive design and manufacturing features for a type of engine exhaust aftertreatment device that is not commonly used yet—at least not in the U.S. market—but that many vehicle manufacturers are interested in for lower overall cost and reduced emissions. Second, we provided a detailed analysis of features that are hard for vehicle manufacturers to examine themselves, but which are known to impact device performance.”

As of May 2019, the paper had been downloaded more than 600 times since its original posting.

Published: May 21, 2019