July 3, 2017
News Release

PNNL Recognized for Building Energy Code Efforts

Lab given 2017 Leadership in Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Award


Bing Liu leads PNNL's building energy codes team, which has been honored with a 2017 National Leadership in Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Award.

Two organizations dedicated to energy efficiency in buildings have named the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory the government winner of their annual sustainability award.

PNNL is being honored with the International Code Council & Institute for Market Transformation's 2017 National Leadership in Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Award for bringing "national attention to the cause of energy conservation and sustainability in the built environment," wrote awards committee chair Brian Bishop in a letter. The award will be presented at the International Code Council's annual conference in September.

The award specifically recognizes PNNL's work over 20 years to help develop and implement more effective building energy codes. PNNL analysis has found implementing better building codes could save the U.S. $126 billion and 12.82 quadrillion British Thermal Units of energy between 2010 and 2040, or roughly enough energy to power 340 million U.S. homes.

PNNL supports DOE's Building Energy Codes Program by participating in industry-led processes to develop building energy codes, analyzing the impacts of potential building code updates, and providing technical assistance and software tools to states that adopt and comply with the codes.

Bing Liu is the manager of PNNL's building energy codes team. The PNNL staff who were recognized by the award include Rosemarie Bartlett, Mike Rosenberg, Reid Hart, Todd Taylor, Rahul Athalye, Pam Cole, David Conover, Mark Halverson, Vrushali, Mendon, Bob Schultz, Jian Zhang, Eric Richman, Yulong Xie and Yan Chen.

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Published: July 3, 2017