June 29, 2020
Staff Accomplishment

Jian Liu Selected as Nanoporous Materials Book Editor

PNNL chemical engineer syncs fundamentals, development, and application


Jian Liu was selected as co-editor for a book on nanoporous materials. Pictured here is an example nanoporous material, which provide a versatile surface and sites for molecule separation and conversion

Jian Liu, a chemical engineer at PNNL, was selected as co-editor for the Elsevier book, Nanoporous Materials for Molecule Separation and Conversion.

Liu brings experience in both the development and application of nanoporous research to his editorial role. His research focuses on CO2 capture and separation, metal extraction from geothermal brine processes, and metal-organic framework membranes for fluid separation and sensing.

The book’s three sections will focus on: 1) fundamentals, 2) application of nanoporous materials, and 3) energy storage and conversion.

“I am fortunate to gather a diverse group of researchers with broad expertise. There will be authors from five different countries who are each renowned in their respective fields,” said Liu.

The book will cover nanoporous material synthesis and characterization, nanoporous materials for molecule separation, and nanoporous materials for energy storage and renewable energy. Typical nanoporous materials, including carbon, zeolite, silica, and metal-organic frameworks and their applications in molecule separation and energy related applications, are detailed. In addition, the fundamentals of molecule adsorption and molecule transport in nanoporous materials are included, providing readers with a stronger understanding of the principles and topics covered.

Liu said the book is intended as a relevant reference for anyone exploring nanoporous materials, including researchers and postgraduate students in materials science and chemical engineering. In addition, it is ideal for industry professionals working on a wide range of applications for nanoporous materials.

Elsevier expects to publish the book in January 2021, with the e-version available this September. Liu’s co-editor, Frank Ding, is a research specialist at 3M Company, USA. His research focuses on adsorption equilibrium, adsorptive air purifying technologies, simulation and modeling of fixed bed adsorption systems, cyclic regenerable gas separation, and air purifier service life calculation.