January 16, 2024
Staff Accomplishment

Helping to Shape Our Future Generations

PNNL’s Ron Mabry was elected to the Washington State Board of Education and will provide advocacy and strategic oversight for public education

Portrait photo of Ron Mabry

Ron Mabry, Waste Field Services manager.

(Photo: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Ron Mabry, a Waste Field Services manager at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), was elected to the Washington State Board of Education and will serve a four-year term.

The Washington State Board of Education provides a public forum to develop policies and provide advocacy to support a system of education that responds to individual student goals and community needs.

During his term, Mabry said, “I hope to address the concerns of the local community and help shape a state-wide education policy inclusive of all the communities that make up Washington State.”

Mabry’s ambition started at a young age, growing up on a small farm in North Carolina. Fueled by a desire for more, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy, where he served and completed his college education. His tenure in the Navy equipped him with specialized nuclear training, paving the way for a distinguished career in science and technology.

In 1992, Mabry embarked on his civilian career at the Hanford Site, eventually finding his way to PNNL. He has dedicated 15 years to roles in radiological engineering and waste management, and in 2010, he helped establish the Portal Monitoring Test Site—a facility equipped with multiple radiation detection and interdiction systems—at the PNNL-Richland campus.

Around that same time, Mabry recognized the challenges local educators and students faced and took an active role in addressing them by joining the Kennewick School Board. Serving for 12 years as the school board director and currently holding the position of vice president, Mabry has demonstrated a commitment to making a positive impact. His success includes proposing legislative amendments that address diverse issues ranging from funding and special education to security and free school meals.

Driven by his unwavering ambition to extend his influence toward the state level, Mabry ran for the Washington State Board of Education, aiming to further contribute to the advancement of education across the state.

“We’re excited to have Mabry on our board,” said State Board of Education Chair Bill Kallappa. “His experiences will bring valuable military, business, and engineering perspectives to our discussions.”

As a Washington State board member, Mabry said, “I want to drive to help the students and families of the students who require a second or third opportunity to succeed in reaching the education they deserve.”

Published: January 16, 2024