July 8, 2019
Staff Accomplishment

Gorton Joins Marine Technology Society Journal Editorial Board

Role applies her expertise on marine energy

Alicia Gorton

PNNL marine scientist Alicia Gorton has joined the editorial board of the Marine Technology Society Journal.

The journal publishes peer-reviewed papers every other month on marine technology, ocean science, marine policy, and education.

Gorton, a project manager in the PNNL’s Coastal Sciences Division, is one of nine board members from a variety of academic and industry backgrounds. The editorial board decides on the theme for each issue and serves as the technical advisers and reviewers for submitted papers.

“I am honored to serve on the editorial board of the Marine Technology Society Journal which will provide an opportunity to learn about the latest R&D and news within the marine industry, expand my technical expertise through editorial and peer review responsibilities, and provide visibility for PNNL and our marine science capabilities,” Gorton said.

Her role focuses on one area of expertise—marine renewable energy—and reviewing papers on the subject.

Gorton has diverse experience in wind and water at PNNL. She is the project manager for two Tethys-related projects: International Environmental Data Sharing Initiative and Wind Operational Issue Mitigation, which are related to expanding the body of knowledge of the potential environmental effect of marine renewable and wind energy. Gorton is also program manager of the Lidar Buoy Loan Program. She was a technical contributor and lead author on the DOE report, Powering the Blue Economy, that was released in April. She was also a key author last year in an MTS Journal publication, Maritime Renewable Energy Markets: Powers From the Sea.

Published: July 8, 2019