We help create a sustainable, secure energy future through innovation in materials and process engineering.  By building multi-disciplinary teams of expert scientists and engineers, and providing them with access to state-of-the-art computational and experimental facilities, we are able to develop and demonstrate novel solutions to some of the most challenging energy and environmental issues facing our nation today. Collaboration with a range of partners from industry, academia, and other research organizations, assures that our solutions are robust, and positioned to meet the real-world requirements that will make them successful in the marketplace.

The Energy Processes and Materials Development Division addresses a range of energy research challenges, including accelerating battery discovery, development and validation, developing new solid phase processing manufacturing pathways for metal alloys and composites, advancing novel methods for CO2 capture from the air and industry flue gases, and designing sustainable approaches to the conversion of  biomass, wastes, and other feedstocks into energy and valuable chemical products.