Building Operations Control Center

The Building Operations Control Center enables researchers and operations staff to connect to intelligent infrastructure from the smart grid, allowing access to extensive data from PNNL campus buildings, systems, and components.

Environmental Chambers

PNNL’s environmental chambers allow researchers to compare indoor and outdoor performance of building equipment to improve efficiency, standards, and more.

Integrated Building Assets

PNNL's unique integrated building assets include the Systems Engineering Building, Thermal Energy Storage System, Power Electronics Laboratory, two large batteries, and electric vehicle chargers.

Lab Homes

Energy-efficient homes are important for energy conservation and utility cost savings. PNNL, working with multiple sponsors, conducts experiments focused on reducing energy use and peak demand, using the Lab Homes located on PNNL's campus.

Lighting Metrology Laboratory

The nationally accredited Lighting Metrology Laboratory enables evaluation of advanced lighting systems. The facility provides accurate testing of non-standard lighting products for comparison and application evaluation.

Lumen Maintenance Test Facility

The Lumen Maintenance Test Facility was established to test next-generation lighting products. The facility has two automated light bulb test apparatuses that are able to test over 200 light bulbs each.

Power Electronics Laboratory

The Power Electronics Laboratory offers capabilities for testing and developing control concepts and technologies. The work here contributes to solutions for transactive energy, residential load flexibility, and more.

Systems Engineering Building

The Systems Engineering Building provides unique laboratory space and equipment to advance research in electricity markets, generation, transmission, distribution, and end use, including buildings-grid integration.

Thermal Energy Storage System

TESS makes ice and provides timely cooling to a building. This capability helps researchers identify new techniques for building efficiency, grid reliability, and transactive and clean energy.