Research Areas

The Electricity Infrastructure and Buildings Division’s (EI&BD's) efforts are focused in multiple research areas. Our teams work on the front lines of the modernization of America’s electric grid, including distribution, transmission, architecture, analytics, and cyber security. We deliver methods and technologies that make buildings, both residential and commercial, better in terms of operation, efficiency, and occupant comfort. And we develop innovations that change the way buildings, electric vehicles, and other end uses of energy interact with the grid to support energy system efficiency, resiliency, and security. EI&BD offers a distinctive set of four core competencies and associated capabilities. Each competency reflects a collective set of skills, experiences, resources (e.g., facilities, intellectual property), and programs and partnerships that differentiate EI&BD from other organizations. The competencies are: Data Analytics, Controls, and Cybersecurity; Modeling and Tools; System Integration; and Technology Deployment and Market Transformation. EI&BD research areas are listed below.