Leading America toward more flexible, efficient, resilient, and secure energy systems


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Electricity Infrastructure and Buildings Division (EI&BD) brings together more than 300 experts with a common passion for innovation, collaborative problem solving, and making a difference in the world. We are a diverse group of electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, systems engineers, data scientists, computer scientists, cybersecurity engineers, economists, policy analysts, and other specialists. We find synergy in working across our disciplines to solve national challenges in energy generation, distribution, and use in ways that haven’t been done before.

Our innovations in grid modeling, contingency analysis, and high-performance computing provide grid operators with more powerful tools to assess the impact of extreme events and mitigate cascading outages in real-time. Our research into building system design and performance evaluation shapes national building energy codes and appliance standards and provides new models for building operations. We create innovative methods to optimize control of smart devices in coordination with the power grid and distributed energy resources. And we enhance the security of operational technologies by “building-in” cybersecurity from the start.

Read more about EI&BD's distinctive set of four core competencies and associated capabilities: 

Data Analytics, Controls, and Cybersecurity

Modeling and Tools

System Integration

Technology Deployment and Market Transformation.