Secure Safe - Personnel Alerting Device

Battelle Number: 12347-E | N/A

Technology Overview

Responding to today’s fast-changing business conditions requires ready access to your corporate assets. But at the same time, businesses need to protect the integrity and confidentiality of that property - whether its paperwork or specialized equipment stored in a locked cabinet. Ensuring that classified, confidential, trade secrets, and sensitive materials and information is safe, secure, and properly handled is a top priority for all entities in today’s global environment. Although it may be unintentional, inadvertently leaving a drawer open or forgetting to spin a safe dial can lead to the loss of valuables such as intellectual property, drugs or hazardous materials. PNNL’s Secure Safe device strengthens your security methods and protects your corporate assets by alerting you with an audible alarm if you begin to exit an area with an unsecured container -- saving you from catastrophic loss.


  • Transmitter located inside the security container
  • Separate remote receiver that monitors an infrared beam path to detect exits
  • Audible, visual, or other (e.g. e-mail) alert that sounds when an individual exits a predefined area that contains an unsecured container
  • Central alarm station (CAS), which connects to a network backbone and provides remote monitory and reporting (e.g. may be used to monitor rooms or entire areas within a complex)

State of Development

Possible applications include: financial institutions (teller stations/cash drawers; vaults), museums with high value displays/cases, hospitals (prescription medications), high-value/high-risk inventories (police stations, saferooms, etc.), and home security.


Available for licensing in all fields


secure safe, security; radio frequency; rfid; tags; sensor; monitoring; alarm; protection; asset; tracking; wireless; device; 12347-E; 12586-E; 6,323,773; 6,774,782



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